ASUS Premium Care - Notebook - 1 Year International Warranty Extension

  • Laptop 1-Year International Warranty Extension Pack (valid for models offering a standard 1-year warranty)
  • When you need to replace a part on your laptop, there are many factors to consider, such as price, compatibility, and capacity. The ASUS Extended Warranty Pack takes the worry out of you, providing you with extended warranty services after your ASUS product's standard warranty expires.
  • Subject to activation, your product's extended warranty period will automatically begin on the end date of its standard warranty.
  • Except for the modification of the warranty period, all other terms remain the same as the standard ASUS warranty.
  • This service package does not cover software, peripherals, free accessories such as a mouse or bag, or damage caused by the customer.
  • This package includes international / local support (depending on the extended service package purchased). This service is provided in accordance with local service standards and policy. Please refer to the Warranty and Support section of your warranty card for more information.
  • Compatible with ZenBook, VivoBook, Chromebook, Expertbook (excluding StudioBook) ranges
The warranty will be auto-activated.
Model full name - ASUS Premium Care - Notebook - 1 Year International Warranty Extension
Part Number - ACX10-000302NB